Cleveland Street Glass – Month 5


Portrait Photo Credit: Preserved Photography

It has been quite a ride since I launched my jewelry brand in May/June! I originally had the idea that I would just do a few shows, sell some stuff, and that was that. But I soon came to realize that once I invested in the packaging, display, tent, promotion… I had to do more shows. But also because I really love them, I love meeting the people! Quickly CSG became a full-fledged brand. I am now in two stores and two galleries, with interest from out-of-state accounts as well. I’ve built up a decent following. Here is some of my recent work:



This video really took off on Facebook, with over 26 thousand views. It was not boosted, and its success was very surprising. I believe this was because I showed an interesting process that turned into a satisfying product. It also looks like a high-end production, although I shot and edited the video entirely on my own.

See it for yourself! –