Here are some of my favorite logos I’ve designed! Salt Cay Writers Retreat, 2013 The Salt Cay Writers Retreat is a 5-day retreat on a private island (with dolphins!). A lone palm tree indicates the seclusion of the retreat, while a smart font alludes to the professional, yet relaxing atmosphere. Cleveland Radio Players, 2015 These players make old-timey … Continue reading Logos

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Cleveland Street Glass

  Cleveland Street Glass is my own jewelry line. All the jewelry is made from the glass of car break-ins. As such it’s both gritty and elegant, sleek and bold. As a graphic and website designer, I enjoy being able to have full control over the look of both my product and my brand. As … Continue reading Cleveland Street Glass

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Cleveland Radio Players

The Cleveland Radio Players is the only company dedicated to the production of modern radio plays in the 21st century. What started as a fun project between neighbors, Cleveland Radio Players has taken on a life of its own. I’ve created a logo, promotional materials, website, and all book covers, album covers, vinyl record covers, and … Continue reading Cleveland Radio Players

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Chocolate Emporium

Chocolate Emporium, based out of South Euclid, Ohio, specializes in vegan and kosher chocolates. Although their products could be considered a health food or solely for dietary restrictions, they wanted a high-end luxury look to their products. My duties included designing a logo, hiring a copywriter to write descriptions for about 50 products, processing photos … Continue reading Chocolate Emporium

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