Watercolor is my favorite kind of paint to work with, as it’s fun but challenging, and there is always an element of surprise, like I’m playing with the medium. I’ve lately started experimenting with gouache, as well, which is very satisfying.

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Sally Lumpkin’s Party

Published December 2, 2008, Sally Lumpkin’s Party is a story capturing┬áthe fun and anticipation of six good friends attending a party for one of their own.

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Here are some items that don’t entirely belong within a category. Included is a short attempt at a webcomic, a silly now-lost oil painting of a ballerina defying gravity, and from the depths of the archives: screenshots from a Flash animation.

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Sketch Dump

Here’s a few doodles and snippets from my sketchbooks. The above image are some ideas for my Mabel and Bruin concept.

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