Over 15 years of experience.

I decided to be a website designer in 2003, when I was 15. Thinking about it now, I suppose I've designed over 50 websites, so far. I started from the beginning and the internet and I have grown up together.


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Am I right for you?

I'm going to be frank.

If you've looked through the rest of my site, you can see I keep quite busy. I like jumping from one project to another. But I get overwhelmed when I have too many projects to juggle. With that in mind, I am not interested in nickel-and-diming for small updates indefinitely on a freelance basis. I like to work with clients who are capable of maintaining their website themselves.

So what do I offer? Read on...

Small Business Consultation

Did you DIY your site? I love that!

These days, web builders are so advanced– and work well on mobile.

However, without a professional eye, you may be feeling unsure of your site. Perhaps you are getting visitors, but have low conversions. Or maybe you have been struggling to get a feature working for you. You may have a whole laundry list of questions!

In a 1-hour meeting, I can address your concerns, give suggestions to increase usability, and possibly troubleshoot on-site. The initial meeting is $75.

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Fresh Website

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a brand new overhaul, I’m so there. But I have one rule.

Content first. This means I won’t start on the project until I have the text and images your website is made of.

This prevents your project from lagging, minimizes future edits, and best of all: I can then use your content to optimize the layout and make your website successful. We’ll nail down the objective of your website, and thoughtfully place call-to-actions (CTAs) in ways that make visitors take action quickly.

I also operate with the mindset that your website is a tool. It should streamline your business, not become a burden. I will ask you about your pain points and discover what online tools can be integrated to help manage your business.

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Greater UX & Marketing Consultation+

“If you build it, they will come” is unfortunately not true with websites.

Where is your traffic coming from? Who are you REALLY talking to on your site? And how can we make your website feel welcoming to all, and capture those leads?

With this consultation, we’ll take a deep dive into your marketing efforts specifically in regards to your website. Then study your existing website to see how we can maximize the right information getting to the right people.

Let’s optimize your website.

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Some more information about me

When you say "website designer" there are actually several different kinds. Some only make layout mockups in Photoshop, and have others do the dirty work. Some can code, but not design.

I do it all. I have made dozens of Photoshop mockups, but also code in HTML5 and CSS3. When I'm working independently, I like using a stripped-down WordPress premium layout as a base, and then use extra coding to stretch beyond its limits, while keeping it easy for my client to update and maintain.