Boss K9

This one-page mini-branding and logo design was created for a new dog training facility in Slavic Village. The logo is based off the owner’s dog, Bubbles. A portrait and full-body illustration was provided for versatility– envisioning a full-body illustration large on the back of a t-shirt, and a small wordmark logo on the front.


Hingetown Social Media graphic

Cleveland Bazaar

I wanted to show this as an example of a social set, with each platform’s different requirements. I have private accounts where I test graphics on desktop and mobile to make sure all information in my graphics are not being cut off.



A selection of logos I’ve created throughout the past few years.


Gadabout Film Festival

This print flyer was made for a traveling film festival. I hand-drew the text and “road” and finished in Illustrator.


Pet Project

Flyer for a short film being sold on spec. The concept is that a petsitter was testing a top-secret project which accidentally turned the homeowner’s pets into humans! Oh no!


Salt Cay Writers Retreat

This is a print postcard advertising that Salt Cat writer’s retreat. I also designed the logo.


Progressive Insurance

While working in the User Experience department of Progressive Insurance, I created this spec web application. Due to my knowledge of HTML/CSS, I am able to create immersive customized web experiences which will flex to any screen size.


Cleveland Street Glass

This 5″x5″ print graphic listed all the events Cleveland Street Glass would be during the holiday season, as well as advertising an Open Studio event.


Chevrolet Store Window Display

On the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet, I blew up and colorized this vintage photograph from their archives to be installed in an empty storefront’s window in downtown Detroit, in 2013. It was intended to give the impression that this was a life-size display inside the store.


Equipe Watches

This photo composite was used as a feature on a full-page print ad. We shot the watches in-house, and I used a stock photo of a woman to put her inside the watch bezel.


Bertha Watches

This photo composite was all shot in-house, with the watches separate from the glassware.


Earth Watches

This photo composite was created as an endless looping slideshow on the Earth Watches homepage, scanning along the birch log. Some of the graphics were actually gifs, such as the butterfly: the wings moved slightly.