Street Glass

Car break-ins are common in urban areas, a crime which results in someone’s personal property being left for debris on the curb. I collect glass from these car windows and transform it into jewelry. Victims can wear the pieces as a display of fortitude, something to stand up to the invisible perpetrator they are powerless against.


Tempered auto glass has a fascinating quality of breaking into small cubes, but often chips will keep together, producing an intricate cracked effect. I work with the shapes that are naturally created from the break, preserving them without manipulation. This results in an organic quality to the work which plays with delicacy and boldness.

The Work

Metaphorically, the jewelry speaks to a larger story of finding positives within the negative, displaying resilience, and how beauty exists in the broken. At times we may feel unrepairable, but the ability to embrace our scars and flaws is a powerful accomplishment. This jewelry serves as a reminder of self-acceptance.


2018- Best Of Cleveland, Cleveland Magazine

2018 – Best New Artist, Lakewood Arts Festival

2017 – Most Interesting Person, Cleveland Magazine

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