Cleveland Street Glass

I moved to Cleveland in late 2014, with the intentions of focusing on my art. I didn't have a specific focus, but a list of interests- I just needed the space to try them all. I found a live/work loft downtown, and within a week my car was broken into. This event impacted my Cleveland experience, and in May of 2016 I launched Cleveland Street Glass: Jewelry made from the glass of car break-ins.


Metaphorically, the jewelry speaks to a larger story of finding positives within the negative, displaying resilience, and how beauty exists in the broken. At times we may feel unrepairable, but the ability to embrace our scars and flaws is a powerful accomplishment. This jewelry serves as a reminder of self-acceptance. A talisman of fortitude.


2018- Best Of Cleveland, Cleveland Magazine

2018 – Best New Artist, Lakewood Arts Festival

2017 – Most Interesting Person, Cleveland Magazine


Tempered auto glass has a fascinating quality of breaking into small cubes, but often chips will keep together, producing an intricate cracked effect. I work with the shapes that are naturally created from the break, preserving them without manipulation.

I created my own process of hardening the fragile cracked glass, using resin. Most pieces utilize a stained glass technique of soldering to provide the silver framing. I also work with resin and stainless steel bezels for more production-oriented earrings and pendants.

Brand Design

For the branding of Cleveland Street Glass, I stuck to a limited color palette. The colors and collateral were determined mostly by the product itself. While the work could have gone in even more of a "luxe" direction, I wanted the work to be valuable yet approachable.

For DIY branded packaging on a budget, I ordered transparent vinyl stickers which I used on boxes, earring cards, and bags.

This card was given out at events advertising my open studio event and all the holiday pop-up events I’d be at that season.

This postcard explained the whole story behind my work, and was included with every purchase.

Digital Assets

As we all know, we are in a visual age right now. I take all my own product photography, but have collaborated with photographers and models for photoshoots. I find great satisfaction in working on my own graphic design and branding.

My website is still operational at . I used HTML, WordPress, and Shopify altogether, which is something I wouldn’t have done for a client, but I liked utilizing my favorite parts of each platform/language.

@clestreetglass – I don’t claim to be a social media expert, but I have enjoyed cultivating my online presence. I pay the most attention to Instagram, and usually share from Instagram to Facebook. I also chose the Shopify platform for the ability to sell from Instagram directly.

These are my top 9 from 2018:

I'm fascinated by marketing. Although I'm capable of hand-coding an HTML email, I "work smarter" by utilizing the templates from MailerLite. I alternate between two templates, depending on my message, but they still look cohesive. Most of my subscribers sign up in-person at events, and some through my website's upon-exit pop-up. At this moment I have a little under 1k subscribers.


I created this video myself on a whim. I made it in one day, and posted it on my business's Facebook page. To my surprise, it soon received 280 shares and 28k views! People would come up to me when I was selling at events saying they saw my Facebook video, which was really cool.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in my Cleveland Street Glass journey! I have so much more I could show, like my photoshoots and booth display. I'm happy to share information with other makers/artists, and also those who are interested in hiring me for branding and marketing.